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I joined Birdeye as a Lead Product Designer in 2023. Despite my brief tenure for just five months at Birdeye, I was able to add immense value through my product design work on high-value features such as Enterprise Dashboards, Reports, and Analytics and leading Design systems and DesignOps.




Product Design

Design System



Reduced workload on design team

Increased consistency

Scalable foundations & components

An Interesting Story

Birdeye has a week-long training program for every new team member. However, with the CEO and manager's ask, from day 1 I was pulled to spearhead the design for the Enterprise Dashboard and Reports—one of their high-value offerings for B2B enterprise users. This was unprecedented, as no one in recent years had skipped the training. Based on the skills they needed, I was quickly entrusted with this responsibility. I led a team of two designers (Senior Product Designer and Product Designer) to create a scalable and highly functional dashboard design for Birdeye, which was highly praised by both the internal team and clients.

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 2.04.01 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 2.04.21 PM.png

The Enterprise Dashboard

Birdeye is a reputation management and customer experience platform designed to help businesses manage their online presence and engage with customers more effectively. The need for reports and dashboards for enterprises arises from the necessity of tracking performance and customer experience across multiple channels in a consolidated manner.

Given the critical nature of this offering, the initial focus was on personalization to gather more tailored feedback and insights from existing clients. This led to hundreds of detailed requirements from clients, as well as specific features that the product and business teams wanted to implement. While I cannot share all the specifics, this process was essential for creating a robust and responsive enterprise dashboard.


What I was doing during this time?

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