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Peppertype.ai by Pepper Content is a content creation platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate written articles, blog posts, and product descriptions. The platform utilizes advanced NLP algorithms to understand the context and tone of a request and then generate content that is accurate and grammatically correct.

Joined | Aug 2021

Started with Design Planning




Pepper Content started as a content marketplace with multiple products in their suite like

  1. Pepper Business Dashboard

    For Business to manage their content requests

  2. Pepper Creator Dashboard

    For creators to manage their clients, assignments and pay

  3. Content Tools

    1. Peppertype.ai

    2. Pepper Docs

      Google Docs like Text Editor with creator focused features

  4. Marketplace Ops

    For Internal teams

  5. Landing Websites for Pepper Content and Peppertype

As an individual contributor to design, I was tasked with designing for Peppertype.ai. I took the lead on the design aspect for Peppertype and executed it independently.

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